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   The main field of application of chillers is the cooling of various equipment, such as, laser equipment, compression moulds, lathes, polymer and plastic product manufacturing equipment, thermoplastic  equipment, and other equipment.

   The second field of application, which is no less wide, is conditioning. From the energy consumption point of view, a chiller is more advantageous than the conventional conditioners. An ordinary water pipe is routed through a building, which is much simpler to operate than a conditioner pipe. What is simpler? To tighten a nut or solder a pipe? That is exactly why even a regular plumber will be able to perform work on the connecting lines of a chiller. And what about the aesthetic aspect of the building? Is there really someone who likes the clutter chaotically installed conditioner units on the outside of a building? A chiller solves all of the abovementioned problems.

   Many people do not even suspect, but even the production processes of lemonade and many other carbonated beverages require the use of a chiller. The lower the temperature of the water supplied to the carbonation process, the more carbonated the respective beverage turns out to be. When buying a lemonade at a store and finding only a very small amount of bubbles in it, once can come to a conclusion that the respective producing company does not comply with the production technology or that it is using a very low capacity chiller that prepares the water before the carbonation process, or that it does not use a chiller at all.

   The next field of application of chillers is the alcoholic beverage industry. In this industry, the temperature at which the various production components are delivered is paramount. This temperature directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, any self-respecting producer will definitely comply with the production technology, and in this case, the producer will definitely benefit from using a chiller made by our company.

   Let us also not forget about the fact that all indoor ice rinks also use a chiller. It is the chiller that cools the special liquid till sub-zero temperatures, and afterwards the pipelines, through which this liquid flows, cool the ice rink. From the outside it looks quite simple, but only experienced designers and engineers will be able to correctly calculate the necessary equipment. If the ice is too warm, then skates will dig into it. If the ice is too cold, then skating on it will not be comfortable, and the people within the ice rink will feel too chilly.

   It is possible to keep on listing fields of application of chillers for a long time. Wherever the term “required liquid temperature” is met, a chiller can be found. Wherever there is a chiller, we have also invested our work. Our company specializes in the design and production of chillers. The standard range of models includes more than 100 units. All our products are certified. By addressing our company, you will obtain high quality, precise calculations and a perfectly long-lasting chiller for your business.